Simple food makes me happy. Salted Danish butter, good olive oil, a perfectly ripe peach in the height of the season, Australian feta from the Bedford Cheese Shop, real Irish bacon, a cup of warm Chai with honey while watching Mad Men, Campari…just to name a few items that can delight me.

I have been trying to cook more and more of our meals at home. When I can, I take lunch alone whilst my baby sleeps and the house is quiet.  I used to be so tired with the young baby that I would forget to eat lunch and just pass out wherever I could. These days, I try to make myself a beautiful lunch. I sit down at the table with my favorite cloth napkin and enjoy whatever bounty I can.

IMG_6583 Here I have made a salad of raw organic rainbow
chard from the Rooftop Farm, raw green beans,  cucumber, left over brown rice and sliced organic  roasted chicken.  Isn’t this gorgeous?  I dressed the   greens with my new favorite fig vinaigrette.  Yes, fig!  Oh that reminds me that fig season is waning and  I  need to get on that.

Here’s to simple, beautiful, healthy meals!